Assertions are made to give early and precise error messages for wrong API call parameters.

validate_parameters(typology = NULL, param = NULL, param_name = NULL)



Currently the following typologies are supported: "NUTS1", "NUTS2", "NUTS3" or "NUTS" for any of the NUTS typologies. The technical typology "NUTS0" can be used to translate Eurostat country codes to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes.


A parameter value that must not be NULL.


The name of the parameter that must not have a value of NULL.


A boolean, logical variable if the parameter calls are valid.


These assertions are called from various wrapper functions. However, you can also call this function directly to make sure that you are adding (programmatically) the correct parameters to a call.

All validate_parameters parameters default to NULL. Asserts the correct parameter values for any values that are not NULL.