The regions package provides four categories of functions: validate, recode, impute and aggregate.

validate functions

The validate functions validate the conformity of a typological (geographical) label with a certain typology. Currently the EU statistical NUTS typologies and countries are implemented.

recode functions

These functions correct the geo coding of sub-national statistics, or bring them to a consistent format.

impute functions

The impute functions impute data from one regional unit to a different level of regional unit, such as a country level data to a province / state level data. impute_down and provides imputation functions from higher aggregation hierarchy levels to lower ones, for example from ISO-3166-1 to ISO-3166-2. impute_down_nuts provides the same functionality with the EU typologies, but with far less work, because they rely on the internal hierarchical structure of these metadata, for example, from NUTS1 to NUTS2.

aggregate functions

Aggregation function from lower hierarchy levels to higher ones, for example from NUTS3 to NUTS1 or from ISO-3166-2 to ISO-3166-1. Disaggregation functions from higher hierarchy levels to lower ones, for example from NUTS1 to NUTS2 or from ISO-3166-1 to ISO-3166-2.