A dataset containing the correspondence table between the EU NUTS 2016 typology and the typology used by Google in the Google Mobility Reports.



A data frame with 817 rows and 6 variables:


ISO 3166-1 alpha2 code


Hierarchical level in the Google Mobility Reports


The name used by Google.


NUTS code in the 2016 definition


country, NUTS1, NUTS2 or NUTS3, nuts_level_3_lau, nuts_level_3_iso-3166-2


Logical variable, if the coding is valid in NUTS2016


In some cases only a full correspondence is not possible. In these cases we created pseudo-NUTS codes, which have a FALSE valid_2016 value. These pseudo-NUTS codes can help approximation for the underlying regions.

Pseudo-NUTS codes were used in Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and in parts of Latvia.

In Latvia and Slovenia, the pseudo NUTS code is a combination of the the containing NUTS3 code and the municipality's LAU code.

In Estonia, they are a combination of the NUTS3 code and the ISO-3166-2 LAU code (county level.) This is the case in most of Portugal and the United Kingdom, too. In these cases the pseudo-codes refer to a quasi-NUTS4 code, which are smaller than the containing NUTS3 region, therefore they should be aggregated.

A special case is ITD_IT-32, which is is a combination of two NUTS2 statistical regions, but it forms under the ISO-3166-2 ITD_IT-32 a single unit, the autonomous region of Trentino and South Tyrol. In this case, they should be disaggregated.

A similar solution is required for the United Kingdom.


Istvan Zsoldos, Daniel Antal